Movement is more than exercise. Movement is any way you purposefully and joyfully experience your body.

6 Week Movement-Based Journey for Busy Women Who Want to Feel More Fluent in Their Bodies

How we move shapes us

Healthy relationship with our bodies provides healthy interactions and communications in every piece of our life; workspace, home, social life...

Move THROUGH,  Move UP,  Move FORWARD 
Be Radiantly You!

In our busy daily lives, when we're immediately switching from one thing to the next, we're missing the point of being alive. You're a joyous expression on this world. I would love to help you remember that. 


Do you want to

  • feel less cranky and enjoy your body’s mobility 
  • make movement part of your daily life in a way that's nourishing and flows naturally
  • feel confident in your body
  • explore your sensuality through movement
  • get stronger but feel lighter 
  • reconnect with your feminine body and rediscover your Self through movement
  • explore fresh ways of moving; visceral and unique to you
  • learn to move with pleasure not pain
  • find joy in your exercise routine so you look forward to it everyday

...but don't know how to do it alone? If so, this program is for you!

Radiantly You is starting soon!

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Radiantly You isn't just your typical exercise program. Here's why:

Personal Uniqueness

There's only one of you in this world with your body, background, and skills. You are unique! So the way you move is unique, too! That’s why in Radiantly You, you won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you’ll receive a movement practice that’s exactly what you and your body is craving for!


Playful Movements and Mental Blocks 

This program goes beyond movement, it’s about overcoming mental blocks that might be holding you back. We’ll explore playful and joyful ways of moving, wiggling, spiraling that’ll help you break free from any limiting beliefs of your body and ability. It’s time to let go of stiffness and seriousness. It’s time to have fun!

Sensuality and Feminine Body

Sensuality is often confused by sexuality, however, when we talk about sensuality or sensuous body, we refer to cultivating our sensory awareness through movement. We refer to the pleasures of our bodies’ entire sensory experiences. It’s about the body and pleasure and five senses. Radiantly You will help you reconnect with your sensuality and rediscover your feminine body. Through movement, you’ll embrace your unique expression of femininity. 


Ease and Flow 

You’ll not just incorporate movement to your daily life, but find that beautiful state of ease and flow. Through my somatic approach, we’ll explore ways to release tension, tap into your emotional body, and move with grace.

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* You are too busy to go to the gym. You think about it all the time. You always say "I should workout more!"

* You are on the computer most of the time and it's really hard to find a space to pay attention to your body.

* When you stand up from sitting long hours, you feel like your legs hardly rebel against their sedentary slumber, your spine and hips engage in a duet of crackles and pops, and your whole body's doing the Cha-Cha with gravity. You want to undo it. 

* You've stuck with the exercise monotony. You say it's time to spice it up. You imagine your legs start a mesmerizing wave, your body follows with a saucy sway, and your muscles discover a secret groove party. You want staying active to be sensual and fun. 

Welcome! This 6-Week Movement Program is for you! 

I help you turn your home or office environment into a playground for deeply focused movement. Are you ready?

Yes, I am so ready!

What can RADIANTLY YOU do for you?

In six weeks, you'll say bye to STIFFNESS! You'll:

  • Get stronger ( not just physically but mentally and emotionally)
  • Feel confident in your body
  • Learn how to use your body efficiently and move with ease every day - so that you can enjoy your body with full range of motion 20-30 years from now!
  • (Re)discover (a lot about) yourself and your body
  • Unleash your sensuality through dance-inspired movements
  • Let loose and express yourself through movement. You'll find it easier to express yourself  in your daily life!
  • Feel absolutely fantastic in your own body - free, alive, and ready to take on the world!
  • Be part of a supportive and empowering community full of amazing women like you


This 6-Week Movement Program is designed to safely develop a strong but authentic movement practice for a confident, joyful, fulfilled life. You might be wondering what is that even mean?

Show ME!


RADIANTLY YOU is a 6-week online movement program empowering and supporting you all the way. Let's radiate together!

Group Movement Coaching:  Weekly Sessions

We'll come together every Tuesday at 6 pm PST via Zoom for our live movement sessions. We'll dive deep into our movement practice with these one hour weekly classes for six weeks. 

I highly recommend joining the group movement sessions live. But I know life happens! Can't make it to a session? No worries. You'll receive the recordings the next day so you can catch up and practice at your own convenience. All class recordings will be available until the end of the program.

Wait, there's more...

1on1 Sessions

Throughout the program, we have two individual sessions together. These 1on1 sessions will be held at the beginning and at the end of the program. These sessions provide a space for us to discuss your struggles, set your movement and personal goals, and check-in on your progress. We tailor these individual sessions to your specific needs, areas to work on, adding special movements if necessary, and celebrating your accomplishments along the way. 

We schedule these 40-minute sessions based on what works best for you.

Self-Discovery Sheets

It all starts with identifying our habitual movement patterns! You receive handy self-discovery sheets help you identify your current movement habits, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your Self and your body. These downloadable documents are tailored to the movement exercises we'll do for six weeks. Notice, discover, and change! 

Bonus Movement Videos and Resources

There’s even more goodness coming your way with tons of bonuses that will enhance your journey! I'll keep nurturing you with additional exercise videos and resources every week during your six week journey. 



To ensure an intimate and high-quality experience, this 6-Week Movement Program is limited to only 12 awesome individuals. This allows me to provide you with the attention and support you deserve with your movement practice.