4-Week Online Movement Program to handle holiday hustle

Let's jingle all the way! 


Feeling festive? Perhaps a bit stressed, too? The holiday season often brings a mix of emotions. Breaking from our usual routines can lead to physical fatigue.

Let's move through the holidays together!
I mean, really MOVE! 

The holiday season can really throw your body for a loop! Expectations, organizing, community dynamics, even the weather can be quite the juggling act.

Let's not forget the feast! More food than your plate can handle, drinks that sparkle, and marathon board game sessions – it's all part of the fun and long sedentary hours.

Sounds familiar?



Movement is crucial during the holiday season! Do you wonder why?

Movement helps you:

  • stick to your healthy habits
  • get off that comfy coach and start your blood circulation
  • boost your energy and mood (goodbye, holiday blues!)
  • tackle stress head-on
  • aid digestion (especially after savoring that turkey and all the sides)
  • release tension and "feel good" hormones
  • stay warm (and sane!) in chilly weather
  • get a decent night sleep
  • get ready in top form for dancing the night away at holiday parties

But how to stay motivated to move or exercise during the holidays? I've got your back, my friend!

MOVE THROUGH HOLIDAYS is starting on Nov 28th! And it's completely FREE!

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Move Through Holidays isn't just your typical exercise program. Here's why:

Personal Uniqueness

There's only one of you in this world with your body, background, and skills. You are unique! So the way you move is unique, too! No two people experience or perform movement the same way. It's like your walk or fingerprint, exclusive for you.

Your holiday lifestyle is likely to be different than someone else. This brings us that what you need to build strength (physically and emotionally) and release your body while having fun with your movement routine might be different. 

That’s why in Move Through Holidays, you’ll receive a movement practice that’s exactly what you and your body is craving for!


Playful Movements 

Yes, I'm talking about having fun! We’ll explore joyful ways of moving, wiggling, spiraling that’ll help you break free from any limiting beliefs of your body and ability. It’s time to let go of stiffness, stress, and seriousness. 

Sensuality and Feminine Body

Sensuality is often confused by sexuality, however, when we talk about sensuality or sensuous body, we refer to cultivating our sensory awareness through movement. We refer to the pleasures of our bodies’ entire sensory experiences. It’s about the body and pleasure and five senses. Move Through Holidays will help you find your unique expression of femininity and sensory experience by moving. 


Ease and Flow 

This program goes beyond movement, it’s also about finding ease and flow in your body during the holiday season. Through my somatic movement approach, we’ll explore ways to release tension, tap into your emotional body, and find lightness in your body.

It's Free. Join Now!

How does the program work?

During the holidays, we often put off exercise or skip movement to spend more time with our loved ones or make sure that everything's in order. 

But your loved ones need a healthier, happier, and more centered you. 

Plus, the house won't burn down if you join us for an hour of movement!

Weekly Movement Sessions:

We'll meet every Tuesday at 7pm (PST) through Zoom for juicy and delicious movement sessions. 

Dates & Times of Live Sessions:

November 28

December 5, 12, 19

Can't make it to a session? You have a lot on your plate and the last thing I want is to worry about it! 

You'll receive the recordings the next day so you can catch up and practice at your own convenience. All class recordings will be available until the end of the program.

Bonus Resources & Movement Videos 

There’s even more goodness coming your way with tons of bonuses that will keep you moving through the holidays! I'll keep nurturing you with additional exercise videos and resources every week during your 4-week journey.

It's all FREE. So why wait?

Yes, I am so ready!

Hey! I'm Lacin (La-chin) 

funny but pronounces like the "chin"

I was born and raised in Turkey by the Black Sea, thanks to my parents became an engineer, quit that at the age of 30, now I'm fully obsessed with coaching movement. 

I know what it's like to prepping a gorgeous holiday dinner with one hand and answer ten emails with the other. I also know how hard it is to decide what to do with that 1 hour left for you after all the holiday hustle? Time to exercise (wait, what is that?), or cook for the next day, or clean the house, or rest a little bit..? I totally get it. 


I'm a multicultural woman who lived in various parts of the world and ended up in California. Although I speak some languages (Turkish as my native, English as my second language, survival Spanish and broken Russian), I believe that movement is our first language. It is the language that we must remember and learn to speak fluently again!

I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance: Creative Practice from St Mary’s College of California with a focus on somatic movement studies. I also have a BS in mechanical engineering. I'm the founder and owner of pole dance and movement studio, Magnetic Pole Fit in San Jose CA.

I've been crafting awesome movement and dance programs to bring joy, mobility, and confidence to women's bodies.

Let's move through the holidays together, shall we?



To ensure an intimate and high-quality experience, this 4-Week Movement Program is limited to only 10 awesome individuals. This allows me to provide you with the attention and support you deserve with your movement practice. 


Questions? Shoot me an email: [email protected]