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Safehouse Arts RAW Showcase
March 5 2021 @ 8.30 pm - San Francisco



Somatic Practices in Nature
Annual Conference Oct. 16 & 17 2021


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Lacin Keles examines how somatic movement studies can be applied to pole dance performance and choreography through the lens of functionality and expressivity. By utilizing specific concepts of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, her research aims to unveil how pole dancers can bring ease and expression to their strength-required pole dance movements.

Pole dancing is a powerful form of artistic expression that celebrates our bodies, our strength, and our sensuality. With the knowledge of somatic movement studies can be applied to any movement practices, Keles investigates how the somatic movement principles can be applied to pole dancing performance and choreography. She approaches pole dancing functionality from Bartenieff Fundamentals and Body Organization Patterns and I apply Laban Efforts to pole dancing expressivity. She believes somatically driven pole dancing assists dancers in using their potential to give full expression with ease and Flow.

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