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Lacin Keles is an immigrant Turkish woman choreographer and movement explorer who creates and uses somatically-driven contemporary pole dance as a medium for female empowerment. Born and raised in Turkey, Keles lived in Russia, stayed in Costa Rica, and traveled to various countries until she moved to California in 2015. Keles has a diverse dance background and has trained in flamenco, pole dance, ballet, modern, and contemporary dance. As a multicultural dancer with a diverse movement lexicon, she uses dance to explore her identity as a woman and to empower women around the world to realize and reach their full potential. Storytelling through pole dancing and contemporary dance, Keles aims to address gender inequality and to bring attention to the challenges of being a woman in today’s society.

In her artistic work, Keles merges the strength and artistic expression of pole dancing and contemporary dance. She spent years developing an individual choreographic voice, distinguished by an ease and combination of multiple somatic movement principles around the pole. She aims to bring pole dancing to the theatres and share this empowering art form through her evocative and untrammeled work. 

Keles finds immense joy in bringing dance to everyone regardless of background, body type, gender, and age. She is the founder of Magnetic Pole Fit where she continues to offer pole dancing classes that are focused on accessibility, personal uniqueness, and building a supportive community. Her pedagogy focuses on the importance of finding connections within our bodies and building relationships with the pole and our environment as well as moving with ease. Keles holds a BS in mechanical engineering and MFA in Dance: Creative Practice from St Mary’s College of California. 



Lacin Keles Movement aims to bring pole dancing to a theatre setting and to blend it with contemporary dance in order to explore movement possibilities in the choreographic process.

In addition, we intend to reflect our lived experiences as a woman who have been impacted by a strong tradition of male-centrism within specific cultures of the world. We envision a world in which women are not treated as second-class citizens and do not suffer from traumas caused by abuse, violence, and harassment. In our choreographic work, we seek to address female oppression and reflect the power of support in womanhood. Lacin Keles Movement aims to inspire and empower women for reclamation of their full potential and strength through my contemporary pole dance works. Our mission is to make pole dancing accessible to everyone by guiding it away from its original context and into unconventional spaces.

Storytelling through pole dancing and contemporary dance, we intend to empower women, cultivate artistry in all ages, and inspire the audience as well as the performing artists to embrace their voice.

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