Feel the joy of movement

Kick your shoes off

Start Moving

Feel the joy of movement

Kick your shoes off and join me!

Start Moving

Welcome to Lacin Keles Movement 


Busy? No time to move? Learn to fulfill your body's cravings for movement before those cravings become angry screams! 

I'm here to help you create space and time for movement with exercises tailored to your needs so you feel nourished, liberated, and joyful every day as you become Radiantly You!

Yes, I Want That!

Join me for

*Coffee & Movement

Ready to shake off morning stiffness? Grab my **super mini Wake Up My Body routine.  You'll be loosened up until your coffee is ready. It's completely FREE!

* Not a coffee person? Pick your favorite warm drink!

** Don't worry, video is full size. But I'm very small and it won't take long at all!

Get super mini movement exercise

I'm here to help you with...


I don't want to feel stiff any more!


I want to feel good in my body.


I want to enjoy my movement routine.


I want to get in touch with my sensual side and reconnect with myself!


I want to get stronger without holding my plank forever!

I've guided hundreds of women through their transformative movement based journey. My unique approach to movement and human body not only benefits your physical body but also nourishes your mind, emotions, and spirit. As we say in Turkey: "Nerede hareket, orada bereket."

Hey! I'm Lacin (La-chin) 

funny but pronounces like the "chin"

I was born and raised in Turkey by the Black Sea, thanks to my parents became an engineer, quit that at the age of 30, now I'm fully obsessed with coaching movement. 

I know what it's like to eat lunch with one hand and answer ten emails with the other. I also know how hard it is to decide what to do with that 2 hours left for you after work? Time to exercise, or cook for the next day, or do the laundry, or join that birthday party...?  I totally get it. I've been there!

Let me paint a picture:

Year 2014, I'm in Russia, wearing a helmet simultaneously on the engineering job answering emails but more worried about registering my pole dance class that happens that night. 

Here’s the summary of those years: Always short on time, mostly sedentary, tense and stiff, unsure of where or how to start moving my body on a DAILY bases and shake off that tension. Any of them relates with you?

If so, let me help you!


I'm a multicultural woman who lived in various parts of the world and ended up in California. Although I speak some languages (Turkish as my native, English as my second language, survival Spanish and broken Russian), I believe that movement is our first language. It is the language that we must remember and learn to speak fluently again!

I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance: Creative Practice from St Mary’s College of California with a focus on somatic movement studies. I also have a BS in mechanical engineering. I'm the founder and owner of pole dance and movement studio, Magnetic Pole Fit in San Jose CA.

I've been crafting awesome movement and dance programs to bring joy, mobility, and confidence to women's bodies.

Let's move and embrace life to the fullest, shall we?


Questions? Shoot me an email: [email protected]


Feeling social? Let's connect!